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Solar Charger Messenger Bag with 2200 mAh Battery


Product Description

Solar Messenger Bag 2200 mAh Battery Charges most smartphones, tablets, and handheld electronic devices Works with iPhone, iPad, Nokia, HTC smartphones, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy Tab, more. Must-have product for students and travelers
Introducing the Solar Messenger Bag, a truly innovative product will forever change the way people use their backpacks and briefcases. On the outside, this Solar Messenger Bag sports a large and powerful solar panel that not only works well, but also merges perfectly with the chic and stylish design of the bag itself. On the inside, a 2200 mAh battery stores power for use anytime and includes multiple adapter tips that can be used to recharge most handheld electronic devices. Multiple flaps and compartments are also available inside, letting you neatly organize everything from notebooks to pens to electronic devices. Now, imagine this: You wake up one morning to find your iPhone 4S completely out of juice (turn WiFi and Bluetooth off when you don't need it). Not only are you about to be late because the alarm didn't go off, but you're frantically thinking about how mobile communications are completely closed until you can recharge at work. You could risk the one hour commute to work and hope nothing urgent comes up, but what IF... -What IF your boss calls and tells you that this morning's big meeting with Google is suppose to happen elsewhere? -What IF your mom calls and needs to talk about some not-so-happy news? -What IF the bank calls and needs your attention right away regarding suspicious activity on your card? Instead of what ifs, you think of that new bag you bought online. No, not that black leather Coach one - the better looking messenger bag with a solar panel. Niiiice. With just a simple connection, the bag's 2200mAh battery instantly resurrects your dead iPhone and you could almost fall in love with the Apple logo that pops up on the screen. Even better, the solar panel will continuously recharge the battery while the battery will continuously recharge your phone. That means it'll be be ready the second you arrive at work, and have enough power to last the whole day. This Solar Messenger Bag is perfect students, businessmen, road warriors, and Eco-travelers. Those heading out of the country with their electronics will especially find it useful when they don't have to worry about different power voltages and frequencies, not to mention the varying types of power sockets. Even if you're only traveling domestically, having a power source available at any time gives you peace of mind of knowing that your cell phone, tablet, and other electronics will never die when you need them the most. Necessity is the mother of invention and this Solar Messenger Bag is a prime example of that. Order today and we'll ship it out tomorrow, adding a whole new level of convenience to your life.

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