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About Us

About Solar Laptop Chargers & More

Green Inspiration LLC was established in 2008 to meet the growing need for clean energy. The company was started by friends who wanted to change the mentality of society's stigma towards going green as being too hard or too expensive. Green Inspiration Store was developed in 2010 as a way to show the diversity of green products the world has to offer.We are excited to share some of the best and most innovative green products like solar laptop chargers, kids organic clothing, and LED lightbulbs.

We established the online store as we branched into other areas of green energy as a way to help streamline our niche products and other green products from around the world into the mainstream of everyday conscious of consumers. Green Inspiration Store strives to be the #1 online retailer of green products. Our huge selection of eco-friendly products will satisfy our consumer demands to live a much more eco-conscious lifestyle. We have made it the mission of Green Inspiration Store to spread "living green" throughout the world person by person and region by region by teaching new ways to have less of a negative impact on our fragile environment.